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Advanced Diploma in I.T

This program is designed to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by advances in Information Technology. You will develop specialized knowledge and skills in the practical application of Information Technology in the areas of network performance and operation, database technology, application development and business information systems. The program provides you with skills across a board spectrum of computing and business information technology with emphasis on software application packages, software development, networking and database design.

Career paths in Information Technology and related industries are quite varied. Excellent opportunities exist to advance and / or specialize in a wide range of technologies. Due to the great rate of change in Information Technology, you should be prepared to continue you training throughout you career. Successful students have the opportunity to work in the computing and IT arena with a focus in software development, database development, networking, and web design and development.

This program is conducted in affiliation with the Skill Development Council of Pakistan (SDC). On successful completion of the program, students shall be awarded an ADIT professional certificate by SDC.


Module – 1 (Duration 4 Months)
(Certificate in Office Automation and Web Designing)

1. Concept of Information Technology
2. Office Automation
3. Web Designing

Module – 2 (Duration 4 Months)
(Certificate in Programming and Web Development)

1. Client Side Scripting (JavaScript & JQuery)
2. WordPress & SEO
3. Server Side Using PHP

Module – 3 (Duration 4 Months)
(Certificate in Desktop and Web Application Programming)

1. Fundamentals of C#
2. ASP.NET With SQL Server
3. System Analysis & Design

Struggle to Learn, Spread Knowledge!